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"4 Redrum in the Dark"
by Byrdsol
Directed by Elsa Valdez,
shot on HD (Canon 7D).
  Amigas with Benefits
"Amigas with Benefits"
Directed by
Adelina Anthony,
shot on Arri Alexa.
Directed by Shana Lawton,
shot on DV (Sony PD-170) & super 8.

Short film by Hyunmi Park,
shot on super 16.
  Don't Go
"Don't Go"
1-hour drama series spec by Amber Sharp,
shot on DV (Panasonic DVX100).
  Dumbass Filmmakers
"Dumbass Filmmakers"
Web series by Hunter Lee Hughes,
shot on HD (Canon 5D).

Kisskadee Pendants
Ad for Kisskadee Pendants
Directed by Garrett Thompson & Graham Goddard,
shot on DV (Canon XL2).
  Lost & Found
"Lost and Found"
Short film by Cheol-Woo Park,
shot on 16mm.
  Mort & Friends
"Mort & Friends"
Web series by Sean Cameron,
shot on HD
(Panasonic AVCCAM Camcorder).

Short film by Eric Casaccio,
shot on HD (Canon 7D).
  Night of the Fighter
"Night of the Fighter"
Short film by Christopher Falk,
shot on super 16.
  P:I Slam
PSA for Project:Involve
Directed by Arvel Chappell III,
shot on DV (Canon XL2).

Past Due
"Past Due"
Sizzle reel for feature film by Wallaine Sarao,
shot on HDV (Canon XH-A1).
Short Film by Wallaine Sarao,
shot on HD (Canon C300).
  Rain Soon Come
"Rain Soon Come"
Short film by Shawn Hinds,
shot on super 16.

Directed by Laura Somers,
shot on HD (Canon 7D).
Workshopped scenes from feature by Huy Chau,
shot on HD (Canon 7D).
  Showing Up
"Showing Up"
Documentary by Riad Galayini,
shot on HDV (Canon XL-H1).

Sick World
"Sick World"
Documentary by Hyunmi Park,
shot on HD.
  Slack Action
"Slack Action"
A short film by Shana Lawton,
shot on super 16.
  Soul Mates
"Soul Mates"
Short film by Terry Wesley,
shot on 16mm.

Triple Minority
"Triple Minority"
Short film by Amber Sharp,
shot on DV (Panasonic DVX100).
  What's There to Love?
"What's There to Love?"
Documentary by Sabrina Almeida,
shot on DV (Panasonic DVX100).
  Wide Awake
"Wide Awake"
A feature film by Christopher Blake,
shot on super 16.
Copyright © Jean Kim. All rights reserved.

Title art by Maria Perez.

Music: "Dreaming" by Blondie